Here is just some of the feedback received from FTS students:

It is due to FTS that I find myself where I am today. Who would believe that after spending 10 years within the skiing industry that completing your course would change my career completely. I am now a risk manager for a futures trading company in charge of a group of 16 traders. I would be more than happy to recommend your courses to anyone looking to learn more about the opportunities that investing can provide.
N.C. - Risk Manager

It was like discovering the keys to the Kingdom! I found your course to be the most customer friendly and inspiring opportunity I've ever discovered. I doubled my money soon after the course and then I wanted to become a stockbroker . . . I passed my examinations first time and the first job I applied for as a broker I got! Thank you for the single most important thing that made it all possible - you made it easy to understand the stockmarket and how to trade it.
A. Mohammad - Stockbroker

I have found your manual to be excellent in every way. It deals with a complicated subject in great depth while remaining crystal clear and stimulating to read. And for me it crucially takes you step by step from the theory to real trading. Additionally the FTS Helpline is a very valuable support.
R. Lawson - Sales Manager

An excellent course. The only genuine, unique, original course I have found. I am so relieved to have found and used the right course, at last, from people who really have done it.
C. Cochran - Private tutor

This course has blown the lid off what I once thought was a no go area. Fantastic!
K. Guy - Service Engineer

FTS does not promise wealth, but promises an understanding of how to achieve it to those who are willing to learn.
P. Griffiths - Police Officer

Couldn't put it down, took the day off work. Fantastic insight.
G. Burns - Self employed

I have wanted to trade for years and have spent a fortune on books - I wish I had found FTS earlier..
S. Bromley - Manufacturing Consultant

"What can I say - a year on FTS has in fact changed my life."
G. Southall - Manager

"Many thanks to Peter for writing an excellent manualand sharing his knowledge with others.On two trades I'm now £1650 up. The manual has more than paid for itself.
P. Lewis - HGV Driver

Definitely the most exciting prospect of my financial life. A thousand thanks.
M. Hardy - Chef

Beyond my expectations. This one manual will probably change my life.
C. Ray - Communications Analyst

Very thorough and instructive, presented in a clear and entertaining format.
N. Mason - Retired Police Inspector

The sense of anticipation was amazing. Simply outstanding!
J. Trusselle - Student

I have never seen anything explained so well.
G. Newman - Marketing Consultant

To date the finest investment I have made - I would be pleased to recommend it to anyone.
I. Bruce - Farmer

The manual presents potentially complex ideas in a very clear & easy to understand way. Brilliantly written.
C. Fuller - Solicitor

Fascinating reading delivered in the most responsible manner and user friendly way. Excellent value for money.
A. Pearn - Retired

Excellent - the assurance of being able to contact someone experienced is worth the manual fee alone.
B. Te - Off-Licence Proprietor

Easy to understand - an absolute must for anyone wishing to trade.
A. Abowath - Manufacturing Supervisor

An excellent manual with such logical ideas. Very refreshing.
N. Taylor - Treasurer

The information may have taken years to discover without FTS.
A. Massey - British Army

This is the key I've been looking for.
D. Vamplew - Business Manager

A masterful simplification of financial jargon. Now a proud reader of financial pages.
B. Salu - Civil Servant

I wish I had read the FTS manual before previous share dealings.
B. Thornley - MD

The manual is well written and contains a wealth of information, worth a lot more than the price paid.
J. Underwood - Office Manager

I have waited and wasted 25 years for this opportunity. I know that I will become financially independent as a result of this course.
P. N. - Hypnotherapist

Congratulations on a most interesting & revealing course manual - a complex subject made easy.
R.S. - Farmer

A wonderful course - worth every penny and then some.
G. Conway - Accountant

Your company acts with honesty & integrity. Very well presented manual, most enjoyable to read.
N. Andrews - Retired Police Officer

Fantastic manual which provides loads of info in easy, understandable manner. Fun too, & very inspirational for me. Thank you.
A. Marriner - Book Keeper

Very interesting, well presented & well written manual.
Bassam Bachir - Foreign Exchange Dealer

The manual is brilliant.
O. Frank - Int'l Travel Courier

I found the manual informative, funny and was particularly impressed with the psychological emphasis when trading.
R. Hicks - Taxi Driver

Brilliant - many thanks.
K. Maiden - Farmer

Both entertaining & educational on the emotional aspects of trading. Excellent.
R. Barker - I.T. Director

Excellent - gets clearer every time you read.
F. Stoddart - Salesman

Excellent course - very enjoyable & informative.
S. Freedman - Professional Coach

[FTS is a]Wonderful, unique course - I would recommend it to anyone.
M. Lewis - Marketing

Your manual has to be the best investment I have ever made.
D. Neale - Motor Trader

Brilliant - excellent value for money. A change to find someone not trying to rip you off.
A. McCann - Ice-cream Manufacturer

Well presented & entertaining. Essential reading for anyone considering trading.
C. Maycock - Mech. Eng'r

Worth every penny of the purchase price. My thanks.
D. Jessop - Retired

I found it very comprehensive - so much covered in a very readable format. Excellent course
A. Thurstance - Housewife

The manual is excellent.
P. Burbery - I.T. professional

Excellent reading - very interesting & informative.
L . Coles - Postman

Entertaining, enlightening & highly educational. I can recommend this to anyone interested in the stockmarket.
A. Riaz - Quality Controller

Excellent manual - well worth the investment.
K. Saunders - Process Operator

Very comprehensive, interesting & entertaining.
M. Hollands - Ind. Financial Adviser

"I have now completed the [FTS Stock Market Essentials Course] and just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. It is the only home study course I've taken ( and I've done a few ) that keeps in contact with those of us not lucky enough to have face-to-face contact. The light-heartedness and human factor were a refreshing change. I was encouraged throughout and have this incredible hunger to learn more about a subject I never thought I could possibly have an interest in. Once again THANK YOU."
Mrs. Sue Ali, sales representative

"I am over the moon about what I have learned! You promised exactly what I have been looking for and as a sceptical initial enquirer I soon discovered that your brochure had no lies in it - AMAZING!!!!"
Derek James, Oxford, record producer